Ultimate Hacking Keyboard vs Dygma Raise. Split decision.

Submitted by cjdmax on Mon, 03/16/2020 - 18:10

Temp version. no photo's. Nasty layout

There's a reasonably sized group of people on the internet that really love mechanical keyboards, and a small group of people looking for ergonomic keyboards. The groups overlap quite a bit, and there have been some DIY, kit and commercial offerings in the past. People with a passing interest in PC's and/or keyboards might know that almost all conventional keyboard manufacturers offer some kind of split keyboards where the two halves of the QWERTY keyboards have been split and angled slightly inwards, but are still in one piece. These keyboards often also offer a slight tent, where the middle of the keyboard (on the split) is higher than the sides, for better ergonomics. There are various commercial offerings from companies that specialize in ergonomics (Kinesis) and there's the slightly unconventional Matias Ergo pro, which does come with mechanical switches. There have been split keyboard kits like the Ergodox, with some or all assembly and soldering required as an ortholinear key layout (no overlap or bricklaying pattern between keyboard rows).

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